Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Since we didn’t have anything planned on the day before Thanksgiving, we thought that it would be a good opportunity to visit Brooklyn. We decided on checking out Williamsburg, a neighborhood in the west of the borough, directly opposite Lower Manhattan across the water. We began exploring around East River State Park, where the view of the Manhattan skyline was incredible. We also got a great view of the Williamsburg Bridge, which connects the area with the Lower East Side of Manhattan.



After exploring the neighborhood a bit further and stopping by a few shops, we decided to eat lunch at Café Mogador, which specializes in Moroccan cuisine. The food was delicious, and I really enjoyed the unique atmosphere that the restaurant provided.


One of my favorite things about walking around Williamsburg was the street art. It really underlined the prevalence of the art and music communities and hipster culture that characterized the revival period that the neighborhood experienced in the 90s.

Our experience in Williamsburg was certainly a vibrant one, and I would love to have the opportunity to return someday and explore it, as well as other neighborhoods in Brooklyn, further.




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