The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Immediately following our trip to The Guggenheim, we decided to walk 5th Avenue until we arrived at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (the goal of this day was to take in as many museums as we possibly could).  I had visited The Met in the summer before with my sister, but I was looking forward to paying it a visit this time around and have the opportunity to see some of the things I missed.

I should note that I forgot to charge my camera battery before we set out and it depleted part way through, so this post is an amalgamation of photos from both times I visited.


One of the largest art museums in the world, The Met certainly has the most expansive collection of any museum that I have ever been to, and for that, it can be a bit overwhelming. I found during this visit that it is better to enjoy what you can see, rather than worry about trying to see the entire museum in one trip.


Similar to the way that I felt about being inside The Guggenheim, The Met is like a work of art itself too. I found myself equally admiring its beautiful galleries and high ceilings on top of the works of art within them.


I didn’t do a great deal of research as to what pieces were a part of the museum’s collection, so it was a pleasant surprise to see a variety of familiar faces, such as Emanuel Leutze’s Washington Crossing the Delaware, and one of Van Gogh’s well-known self-portraits, to name just a few.


My favorite art movement, Impressionism, is one that I keep an eye out for in every museum I visit, and I was thrilled to find that there was no shortage of it here. I’ll close this post with a few of the paintings, Impressionists and more that I particularly enjoyed between my two visits.

The Met is certainly one of New York’s attractions that I could see myself visiting on every occasion that I get the chance, each time finding something new and interesting.



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