Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Besides hearing the name mentioned in a biopic about Jackson Pollock I had caught part of last summer, and that it was associated with Modern and contemporary art, I have to admit that I knew absolutely nothing else about the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, but that was all the more reason to be excited about our opportunity to visit it while we were in New York over Thanksgiving. My brother was especially enthusiastic about paying it a visit, so we marked it as our third and final destination with our City Passes.


I was not surprised upon learning right away that the architect behind the museum’s design was Frank Lloyd Wright; my dad’s personal favorite. Whether or not the style meets your taste, one thing that I feel most people can agree on is that the museum itself feels as though it is a part of the collection; it is almost like stepping inside a work of art.


While I wasn’t keen on every single piece in the collection; which ranges from stark minimalist painting to an industrial robot, I have to admit that The Guggenheim is one of the most memorable museum experiences that I have ever had. It engages and challenges its visitors in ways that go far beyond the normative art museum experience. All throughout our circuit of the building, I found my head full of questions. I hope that someday soon I have the opportunity to return and find answers to a few of them while undoubtedly acquiring a few more in the process.



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