Empire State of Mind

Going to the top of the Empire State Building is something that I had never been desperate to do. But when the opportunity arose to take an elevator up 86 floors to receive the “The Empire State Building Experience,” an option with our City Pass, we all agreed that it would be an experience worth having.


I’m not sure what it is about the famous Art Deco Skyscraper that has never exactly lured me in, but after walking a few blocks from the subway through the Flatiron District, I began to get a greater sense of its appeal the closer we got. I suppose one of the main reasons that I may have been keen to avoid it was its association as a tourist hot spot, especially around Thanksgiving at the time we went, when I knew it was bound to be more crowded than usual. Once we arrived at the 86th floor observation deck, however, I knew that the long, congested and slow-moving wait in line was worth it.


As the sun was setting over Manhattan, the views from that high up were breathtaking. We didn’t quite have the best view of the city, however; that was still a few floors to come…


Although the force from the wind was intense, I feel that it added a sense of thrill to this already incredible experience. Manhattan’s famous city lights began to illuminate in every direction the darker it grew, bringing in a brilliant light of its own as the sun began to fade. We had a fun time pointing out all of the well-known landmarks, some of which we had been to earlier that day, amazed by how small they looked from our pinnacle.

This view is certainly one that I hope to see again someday, and although it may make you feel like the most touristy of all tourists, it is something that you absolutely cannot miss.



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